Functional Alignments and Yoga with Mary Powell

Functional Alignments and Yoga with Mary Powell


March 21st 9am - 11am Eastern Time


Our modern lifestyle, work, habits, injuries, birth and past traumas can all have an effect on our posture, along with many people also affected by Scolisois (often these can intertwine)  We are not symmetrical beings, but when imbalances create dysfunctional movement and possibly (though not a given) pain, having self-awareness and knowledge is key to bringing back the balance and creating a safer practice.


In this workshop we'll look at common misalignments in the pelvis, spine, shoulders and more, how we can build our self awareness to spot them, working with the body as a whole and some useful drills to stabilise, rebalance and support your practice.

Mary Powell, is an authorised level 2 ashtanga teacher. At 15 she was diagnosed with scoliosis which set her on a journey of curiosity and exploration into how to manage scoliosis without having intrusive surgery. Along the path she discovered yoga and how incredibly healing it is to both her body and mind. 

Mary has been practicing yoga and movement for 15 years and teaching for 10, along with a background in personal training, massage and Pilates. Marys practice and curiosity with the body and scoliosis has helped build a strong self awareness, which she aims to help empower others to do the same.

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