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Why Homeschooling?

The big question I always get is Why to homeschool? I believe homeschool is a very private choice. In my case I started with my middle son because I wanted to experience having him at home and see him grow and be part of all those learning moments that only a teacher can witness. When I teach yoga, I celebrate in my heart every time my students are able to conquer their fears and limitations. I had always wondered what would it be to see your kids first drawing, first sentence and so on. I didn’t put pressure on myself. I decided to embark myself on the journey with zero expectations. I started to homeschool him at the age of 3. It was fun and he was always curious. We learned thru play but I always had an agenda set up for our daily activities.

My son is 6 years old now and I am also in the second year of homeschooling my 13 year old boy. Today I’ll start with the first introduction of homeschool that I did for my middle son when he was 3 years old and then I’ll keep posting until present times.


For young children, learning should be fun, but at the same time you want to teach them to stick to a schedule and to see you as their teacher, not their mommy while you are homeschooling. This relationship is very important and it must be set up in a clear way since the beginning of your homeschool journey.

With my son I always try to homeschool around the same time every day. When he was 3 years old (if possible) the class would take around two hours a day. I would breakdown the schedule into half hour activities with short breaks between each of them. I had prepared before hand the lesson that will involve numbers, letters and shapes. Then I’d have him direct me what he was interested on learning any given day. That question would be at the end of our homeschool day and normally I’d give him a break while I prepared the lesson upon his requested topic. For example. He asked me how the worms live? Then I’d prepare everything while he played. I like for the little ones to set up learning stations. For example I’ll put on the floor different activities and let him choose where to start.

Work stations divided by different learning activities

Final activity of the day based on your child's interests and inquiries

As you see in the pictures he could just choose one from reading books, puzzles, letters, painting, etc. The last activity will be what he wanted to learn. Let your child ask you questions and make that the lesson of the day, it will help them not only to promote their curiosity but to think outside the box and experience how learning can be fun and extremely exciting.

Stay tuned for more specific activities.

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