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Welcome to my Blog 

My name is Alexandra Santos and I have been practicing yoga for almost 20 years. I had 3 kids during this time. I have learned to see the natural changes of the physical practice and the benefits of a sitting meditation and breathing practice. But what has really changed my life is when I learned that Yoga is not only those things that I mentioned before. Yoga is a 24 hour observation mode! You are constantly observing your thoughts, reactions to them, the way you behave, how that can affect you and others around you. When this becomes part of your daily life, spiritual growth starts to happen. That doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes, but it does allow you to recognise, and learn from them and not repeat them. Most important of all, Yoga helps you to find out the root of the problem itself and work towards fixing it.


In my life I have chosen to add a routine that helps me keep that 24 hour Yoga going. In general I am a shy person. Specially in therms of social media. Many of my students have asked me to do a blog where I can share some of the things I do. I felt that with limited time being a mother of three, a daughter, a wife, a student and a teacher; it was going to be impossible to do so. But nothing is really impossible if you really have the desire to do it. A dear friend put her time and effort to create this blog for me, which I am extremely grateful for. I’ll be sharing with you my daily life routine.


So what is all this about?
You will have Vegan, easy to make recipes for babies, toddlers and the rest of the family. Discussions about Yoga topics like asana, meditation and pranayama breathing exercises. I will share my journey with Homeschooling my kids and ideas to make learning more entertaining for you and the kids.

It's my hope that my yoga journey can in any way facilitate you some tools or inspire you to live a better life. It's my dream that we can all coexist with all races, animals and the planet itself.

Kind Regards, 

Alexandra Santos 

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